Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Drum roll please...

Is the next Hewett Baby a boy or a girl???

Drum roll...

That's right.  The cake is blue!! 
We're having a BOY!!

Marcus Harrison Hewett is due to be born on March 10th!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Year-End Review

I know, I know.  It's not actually the end of the calendar year but I've been thinking over all that has taken place in the last year for our family.  It has been a significant year to say the least.  The last few months my blog has been rather silent.  I've been doing life and not writing about it.  Such are seasons.  The season that this blog began (about a year ago) was a time when God knew I would need an outlet.  An outlet in my home because I would be there A LOT! 

A year ago my family was discussing what it would mean to bring my grandmother and her husband into our home and be their full time care-givers.  We did.  I'm glad we did.  It was one of the most difficult seasons of our lives as a family.  It was also a time to serve, grow and learn.  It was a time to rely on God.  There were moments filled with dentures, broken windows, oxygen, broken arms, ambulances and let's not forget Grandma's poodle named Buffy.  During this time I saw my children grow.  I saw them serve without being asked.  I saw them have patience and strength when mine was gone.  I saw my husband reflect the light of Christ in our home.

In the last year:

I have seen my children begin to wrestle out their own faith in the Lord.  This is both painful and beautiful for me to watch.

My world was rocked when my Daddy had a mini-stroke (which he's fully recovered from now!!).

We have seen plenty and we have seen little.  We have always seen the Lord!

I have come unglued and undone.  I have been tested and refined.  I just hope I look a little more like Him because of it.

We have gutted our moldy bathroom and now have a real shower for the first time!!  And when I say, "we", I mean my husband did all the work and I just picked out colors!

We have lost 2 family members and traveled to Ohio twice to be with family. 

I have watched my children desire for their friends and family to know the Lord and heard them share their love of Jesus with family.  I have watched their broken hearts, in confusion, walk away not understanding rejecting such a wonderful gift we have in Jesus.

We have celebrated my nephew, Kasen's, 1st year of life!!  :)

I have been helped and comforted by friends and families. 

I have prayed more with friends and am excited about the power and intimacy that brings.

We celebrated my Mom's 60th birthday!  She has been a great ear and help in times of need!

We have celebrated life in the womb only to mourn the loss of the that life.  I cannot begin to describe the pain and heartbreak.  And while I do not understand,  I can tell you that I felt the presence of Jesus, His Spirit, the Spirit of the Living God with me...keeping me breathing...keeping me going...

Bruce and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!!!  And although our anniversary was during the miscarriage, we were able to spend time away, just the 2 of us, a few weeks later thanks to my parents and some dear friends with a house on the lake.

I have gained around 10 pounds and then lost 38.  I really wasn't "trying" to lose weight.  I just cut out junk...doesn't mean I'm not willing to have a cookie or a sausage ball every now and then, though.  It just means I'm aware of what I'm putting into my body and try to keep my food as closest to the way God made it as I can or want to.

We got chickens!!!!  We have enjoyed learning.  And we have enjoyed watching the chickens.  They are definitely entertaining.   And we sure do enjoy the eggs!

We have, of course, homeschooled and somehow managed to get our lessons done in the midst of the school of life.

We have had our house to just the 5 of us for a little bit and have now welcomed 2 family members into our home during their transition of moving from one place and searching for their next.

We're back to a household of 7 with 2 dogs but this time is much easier!!  

Through the waxing and waning of friendships I have been comforted and felt lonely.  The lonely times are when God reminds me that He is all I need.  I am truly blessed with some awesome and godly friends!   Our family is blessed to have some of those friends visiting now.  (So, technically, we're a household of 12 people, 3 dogs, and 21 chickens this week!  But I love it.)

I have had heartache and disappointment.   I have grown.  I have changed.  I have had joy!  I have rejoiced through good times and I have rejoiced through suffering

We are currently celebrating the life growing within my womb!  I am almost half way through this pregnancy and have had many, many mixed emotions throughout but I've always been thankful for the blessing of carrying life.  What an awesome opportunity.  I'm thankful to be a part of God bringing someone I love into this world.  We plan to welcome this little one in March!  (We're actually finding out tomorrow during my ultrasound whether we're having a boy or a girl!!).

I have learned to appreciate so many of the little things...after getting Grandma and her husband safely moved out, especially.   We could once again run through the house playing hide & seek.  I could dance to music.  We could eat lunch at a friend's house!!  and not have to be at home all the time afraid of broken windows and arms.  I would never have appreciated such things had I not spent a season without them!

What a year!  I wonder what's next!  :)  But I'm gonna just enjoy today.  Tomorrow has enough worries of its own...

Happy New Year!