Friday, September 5, 2014

Adjusting to 550 square feet

Things on the Hewett Farm are coming along quite well!   We have chicks ready to hatch the first of next week, chickens roaming the yard, 2 friendly kittens, 2 goats (one that I milk each day), 2 dogs, 3 dead snakes (one being a rattle snake that our 3 year old found!!!), 1 injured coyote that hopefully won't come back, and we are currently preparing for another animal...a horse!   There is a horse that needs a good home and we are so thankful that we have been given the opportunity to take this horse into our family.  More on the horse later.   How are we doing living life in 550 square feet???

We are doing well.  Working through the challenges that come in tight quarters together.  We spend a lot of time together!   :)  It is hard to believe we have been moved in for over 3 months now!!   In the time since we have moved, my sweet baby boy has gone from "flat baby" (term my older girls use for young infants) to rolling over, scooting, and eating banana and sweet potato.

Moving things around, organizing, and rearranging are pretty constant activities.  If you put school work on the table, then it has to be moved to eat lunch.  If you put the school work on the couch and then you need the couch to feed a baby on, you have to move the school work somewhere else and then you might need that get the picture.   Cooking, especially baking can get interesting.  But, being creative and super patient is what it's all about.

One thing I know.  The joys and triumphs, sorrows and pain are still felt just as deeply.  The only difference might be feeling as if there is no privacy to open myself up to the Lord or work through loss and pain.  But, I felt the same in over 2,000 square feet when my Grandma and Chuck lived with us during our miscarriage.   Privacy to grieve was no where to be found.  So, really, the space isn't always the issue.  I need to make alone time with God a priority! 

Here's some pictures of how life rolls with us!

Sweet Madelynn holding her baby brother, Marcus.

The man who puts up with me!!  and loves me!!

Some of the chickens that roam our yard.  :)   True free range eggs are the best!

Sugar pup keeping cool under the van

 Bruce and his Dad working together to get goat fence ready (love the 2 of them working together!!)

 My men!!

My purdy family!

Here is our mattress that lives in the living room, dining room, and school room!   The girls like to snuggle up with us or kick us out to take up the whole bed!

Madelynn seems to think having a mattress on the floor every morning is a great way to get some trampoline time in...

 Business calls are often taken outside because it's way too noisy in the cabin!!  :)   If you knew what situations some small business owners were in when they took your call, you would often have a good laugh.

 Reading time on the couch while Marcus plays!  The floor can be a dangerous place for babies when there isn't a lot of floor space to be had.

School on the couch (which really is a wonderful homeschooling perk!)

School at the table!

We hunt 'em, turkey feathers!

You CAN still make a tent in a small space!!!

Okay, so here is a picture of what we have to do to use a DVD to watch a math lesson.   The only place for the t.v. is on the wall and the only place for the DVD player and speakers is above the t.v which is directly under the table.  :)   Yes, we know it's a giant t.v. for such a small space but it's our only t.v. and Bruce and I feel like we are in a theater when watching the 3 or 4 channels that come in with the antenna. LOL  

This is just a fabulous picture of Charlotte snuggling a rooster.  Only this chicken-whisperer girl could catch a rooster and keep him calm in her lap!!