Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Laughing at the days to come

My agenda.  Key word there is my.  My agenda for the week, which I submitted to God, was to have no more health crisis or emergencies in my family's life.  Apparently I should have included no damage requiring home repairs...

*Disclaimer - No one is hurt!*

My family has had some major changes recently.  My grandmother's husband, Chuck, is quite unsteady and has difficulty getting around.  Today, coming in the house following a doctor's appointment, he lost his balance...I couldn't catch him.  Our living room window did.  Amazingly, he is not hurt.  If he had hit the window directly in the middle, he would have gone completely thru and onto the front porch and likely been cut up pretty badly.  After helping him up and discovering that he was not hurt we just continued on with lunch for everyone, periodically laughing because, really, what else can you do?  Nobody is hurt.  No hospital.  No stitches.  So, we get some new windows...we needed them anyway.  And my living room gets vacuumed twice in one day which makes me happy.  And...

As my husband says, this is why you keep junk...then you can board up broken windows from spare stuff you have out back.

Plus, Isabelle and Charlotte were able to go to Home Depot with their Daddy.  I'm sure there's a school lesson to be had there!  ;-)

Now I know why the Proverbs 31 woman laughs at the days to come.   Even fools can laugh!

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  1. God was mighty pleased with the way you and your family handled that situation, with thanksgiving that no one was hurt, with grace that I am sure Chuck appreciated, with resourcefulness, thanks to Bruce, and with laughter that is good for the body and soul!
    At days end you have left a trail of kindness with no hurt or scar--so like Jesus! Myrna