Friday, May 17, 2013

Strawberries & Chickens

You know those days that just go smoothly and you feel productive and satisfied??  One day this week, I had the pleasure of a productive day.  And it was great!

Breakfast was a yummy, healthy smoothie.

We met friends at a pick-your-own farm and picked strawberries!  Fun!  We brought home 16 pounds.

Madelynn enjoyed eating the strawberries rather than putting them in the basket!!

I actually got all 16 pounds cleaned, cut and put up to freeze!

We love kids!  And we love helping friends!  So we enjoyed having 5 extra kiddos for the afternoon!  Everybody got fed lunch!  Attitudes were good and cooperative.  Madelynn and Ethan took fabulous naps! Everybody played well together.  

Isabelle loves helping and loves feeding Ethan!

Then...wait for might want to sit down for this...

We began our chicken raising adventure.  Yes, chickens.  23 of them.  Yes, we live in town.  And, no, it's not illegal.  We checked.  Back to the chickens...

Bruce picked them up at their previous owners' home and brought them to ours in his make-shift "chicken truck". 

Bruce had our mobile coop all ready to go and the chickens seemed excited.

Charlotte was definitely in heaven...

Isabelle loves anything fun!
We were able to feed the chickens some of the tops of the strawberries.  I really like finding a good use for something we would normally have to throw away.

Madelynn began her chicken jumping training session.

Then...  Just before bedtime, our first egg!!!  Side note:  chickens can take weeks to lay after a move or anything traumatic so that fact that we've had 6 eggs already is exciting!

After we checked on the chickens an absurd amount of times, we finally settled into our own roost (our couch) and I felt totally satisfied.   It's not unusual for us to accomplish a lot in one day but most days have snags, interruptions, attitude issues or other complications but...

I love smooth and productive days! 

I may learn a lot during crazy, difficult, or painful days.  And I know I need the refining and growth they bring but I sure am glad when a smooth and productive day comes my way!

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