Sunday, October 14, 2012


I wouldn't consider myself a servant, not even of Jesus.  I'm pretty selfish!!  Sure, I do things for other people and God has been WORKING on my servant heart and attitude.  I work at being kind and considerate to my husband, my children, and those I connect with on a regular basis.  I'm sure that loving my family and friends is pleasing to the Lord but...what about truly serving when it is not so easy.  In Matthew and Luke the Bible says that even sinners will display love when it's easy.

This past week has been a whirlwind to say the least.  More on that later.  Our family is making arrangements for my grandmother and her husband to come and live with us temporarily until something long term can be figured out.  Dramatically changing the family dynamic... Dramatically

The whirlwind has made quality time with my girls and husband sparse this week.  We've been making a concerted effort to connect and communicate.  Sometimes you just gotta step out of the whirlwind, spend $20 and have lunch as a family so that you can talk, laugh, cry and sing.  Yes, sing.  Not a corny-musical-break-out-into-song singing (although I do love a good musical).  Beautiful singing.

We asked our big girls what they were thinking about all the changes happening for us.  What do you like best?  What do you like least?  What scares you?  What worries you?  Their answers were honest, but some were unexpected.  They're scared that my grandma and husband are going to die without knowing Jesus.  I was kind of expecting to talk about many of the "inconveniences" we will experience because of all of this and help the girls desire to unselfishly serve.  No, they are ready to love, to serve, to continue pouring the Gospel into lost souls.  I explained that this is a wonderful opportunity to serve.  God wants us to continually humble ourselves and consider others more than ourselves.  I said that we get to do that on a continual basis to some family that don't understand the love of the One True ones maybe not so easy to love and serve...

My sweet Charlotte started singing
Make me a servant, humble and meek;
Lord, let me lift up those who are weak;
And may the pray'r of my heart always be:
Make me a servant, make me a servant,
Make me a servant today.

and I started crying.

Nothing could be sweeter than that.  The love of Jesus coming out of your children.  How God must feel when He's able to pour His love out of us.  But to pour out His love, we must first be filled with it. 

I could hardly keep from blubbering and going to the ugly cry.  My children get it.  I'm sure they will remind me when I forget.  I get to serve alongside my children.  How awesome is that!

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  1. Your children have learned that from great examples. You have been a servant for us. I truly think you are a servant. I know the coming weeks will be difficult. You are always welcome at our home.