Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Preparing for life in a 550 square foot "cabin"

My family has had many, many adventures in the last 15 months.  Some crazy, some delightful, some scary, some stressful, some exciting and some sadBut this new one we're embarking might just take the cake and be all of those minus the sad, I hope.

About 2 1/2 years ago, my husband's dream of starting his own electrical contracting business came to fruition.  We are very thankful for the Lord's hand and provision as we started a new business while being the new kids in town!!

Beyond that dream, my husband has wanted to work the land and live off the land.  Now, this doesn't mean that I'm never going to the grocery store again...I'm not that crazy!   But, we want to have a wonderful, fruitful garden, some animals (we're already chicken owners!), berries, fruit & nut trees, a place to hunt turkey in our own back yard...stuff like that.   My husband, being the handy man that he is, is working hard to bring this dream to the forefront and see it come to fruition.

The land part is covered.  Our chickens are ready for more room and we're ready for more chickens.  The house part is almost covered.  There is much preparation and patience-building in our future. 

We desire to build a house and to do so with little or no debt.  We are definitely not at the point of doing that so we need a temporary place to make our home.  We were willing to buy a camper and live in it but the land we're moving to had something better...if you have vision and a handy husband!  :)

There is a tractor trailer on the land that had been turned into an apartment.  A 12x14ish addition was added to one end.  This place needs some work but we (and by "we", I mean my husband is doing all the work) are excited about making this 550 square foot "cabin" work for us.

Yep.  550 square feet.

Yep.  6 people and a dog (thankfully, the chickens live outside!)

Now, to be honest, the 550 sq ft doesn't include where our laundry room will be because the laundry room will be in the barn.

Yep.  The barn!

The 550 sq ft also doesn't include where 3 of the 6 of us will be sleeping...a camper will sit outside the cabin for extra bedding.  But, most of our indoor living will be done in the 550 sq ft, including homeschooling and cooking! 

Check out the progress (including a virtual tour) of our adventure!!

The side of the can see the addition sticking out at the end

Insulation and siding going on the outside of the addition because it had none!

Where the addition connects to the trailer

The addition and opposite side of the cabin, also the entrance


Entrance (yes, we know there's no railing right now...)

Standing in the living area viewing the kitchen and hallway

Bedroom at end of cabin

Standing in kitchen looking towards living area (the addition)

Standing in kitchen looking at living area (the entrance is to the right)

Just some outside fun in the field!! 
 Now, if you're horrible at envisioning things like I am, feel free to take the virtual tour below!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blessed be the name of the Lord

One year ago today, I fell in love.  

I fell in love with the life within my womb. 

The life God planned for me to carry for only a short time.

Excitement grew within our grateful and glad hearts.

The Lord gives.  The Lord takes away. 

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.  For it is His name that kept me breathing when my heart hurt too much.  It was His name that comforted me when the pain would not leave me. 

It is His name that will ignite praise from my lips. 

It is His name that will never leave me nor forsake me.

It is His name that I bear as a spotless bride before my God eternally.

Jesus.  Sweetest name I know.