Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Isabelle. My joy!

It's Isabelle's birthday month.  That's right, we celebrate birthday months around here.  I love birthdays and celebrations.  It is hard to believe that my sweet Isabelle will be 9 years old on the 23rd.  9.  The last single digit year I get with her.  I am cherishing this time I have with her.   Because our family is often all together, I don't seem to get a lot of one-on-one time with my big girls unless it's for schoolwork.  So, when the opportunity arises for a one-on-one date night, we go!

Isabelle and some other music students played for the residents of a local nursing home.  Isabelle played two piano pieces and did very well.  She's gifted.  When we were done, I knew that if I offered for just she and I to go have dessert somewhere, she would be thrilled.  She finds joy in the little things.  She's good at rejoicing.  I mentioned going out for dessert.  Well, that was it.  Big eyes and a big grin told me that that was exactly what we were doing.  Now, where to go?  She thought about a blizzard but I told her that we could go sit down at a restaurant and order dessert.  Hmm...she had never done that so she had lots of questions because she wanted the experience and dessert to be just as good as a blizzard at D.Q.  I suggested Ruby Tuesday and she decided she would try it.

Oh, my!

That child read the dessert menu and descriptions aloud with such dynamic that anyone's palette would grow anxious.  She carefully pondered her options (she's like her momma that way) and after the waiter's 3rd attempt to take her order she had decided.  Double chocolate cake with creamy vanilla ice cream.  We did "cheers" with our cups of water and dug in.  She was glowing from the whole experience.  She said, "wow, I didn't know the dessert would look so pretty or taste so good."

My big girl ordered her very first grown up dessert in a real restaurant.  She was grinning from ear to ear.  Elated.  Full of joy.  It was contagious.  I couldn't help but smile and giggle with her.  She's ready to do it again.  And I know it's not just for the dessert so I look forward to next time as much as she does.  How fun.  What a blessing she is to me.  She is often my mirror, reflecting my imperfections a little too clearly.  We are teaching each other.  We understand each other.

Joy in the little things.  Sometimes that's what life is about.  That, and a little double chocolate cake!

So proud of my almost 9 year old.  Happy Birthday Month, honey!

I am proud of you!!

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