Saturday, December 1, 2012


Life's journey can be inspiring, saddening, encouraging, scary, and...beautiful.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  The key is perspective. 

My journey has crossed paths with many influential people.  Some influences are positive and some are negative.  Paths can cross for years, months, days or even just moments.  During my recent trip to Kentucky, I was able to enjoy precious moments with many people whose influence on my life has been significant to say the least.

I got to eat with Audrey, talk with Audrey, hug Audrey, drink coffee with Audrey, and did I mention eat? ;-)  Love me some Audrey (and her family)!!  I miss her terribly but all is well with kindrid souls be they near or far!

My family got to spend time with "The Harpers".  They are, well, family to us and we are always blessed by and at ease in their presence.   I think a Hewett-Harper vacation is necessary in the future!!

We visited my Aunt Vivian and got to meet Katie's beautiful daughter, Charleigh.  Watching Aunt Vivian be a Grammy is delightful especially knowing she once was blind but now has the sight to behold her granddaughter's expressions.  Garrett came by to say hello.  Our paths first crossed when I first carried him in my arms and now...he can carry my children around. Now that's a journey that makes me feel old!

I had an amazing afternoon full of words, tears, and joy with my Uncle James.    He and his family have profoundly affected my journey.  Uncle James is a beautiful soul.    We poured out our hearts and, as always, I walked away enriched and filled with things to ponder on for years to come. 

The impact others have on my life is based on perspective.  Thank you Lord for this journey and those who share it with me whether to teach, encourage, sharpen, or refresh.   I hope that even as I travel the difficult parts of my journey I can focus on Jesus and see my influences through His eyes.

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