Friday, October 5, 2012


I love people.  I'm a people watcher.  I mentioned that I enjoy a good opportunity to ponder.  Observing people can lead to some deep thinking.  I've been thinking on some categories that contain both people I know as well as strangers only known by my momentary observation of them.

Logically straight-forward - The people who say what they mean and mean what they say and they make sense while doing it, for any other way to act would be nonsense, of course.  My sweet husband and dear friend, Christina have blessed me with their logic!

Welcomers - People like my parents.  Always looking for ways to add to their family tree as they love and welcome all who are sent their way.  True hospitality.

Oblivious - The ones that drive in the fast line of the highways knowing no one else is possibly on the road with them.  The ones that take up the entire aisle at the grocery store without batting an eye.

Fun - The ones that always make you laugh!!  The ones that will break out into song with you at any given moment.

Interesting - A little "off".  You know the ones!!!!  ;-) 

Runners - People running their race with endurance, like Lisa.  Taking everything they learn along the way as fuel to keep going and share and bless those they're running along side!

Sickeningly sweet - People that will manipulate and excuse any behavior with a southern accent and a smile...

Listeners - Those like my Audrey that not only hear your words but always seek to hear your heart.

Rude - Those who cannot take their eyes off their electronic devices to look into yours.  (kind of a huge pet peeve of mine)

Anonymous - Those who have blessed our family without earthly recognition.

Broken - Those whose ashes have yet to become beauty.  Seek the Lord.  He will bind up your wounds and do AMAZING things.  Isaiah 61!

Prayer warriors - Those that will storm Heaven for you.  Those like Mandy, that will come and find you when your husband is going to have emergency surgery and be the arms of Jesus, holding you while you wait.

Close - Those close enough to your heart to actually hurt when you are hurting and rejoice when you are rejoicing.  Many have had this role for me but none like my sister.

There are many more.  Some that encourage, some that tear down.  Some that drive me crazy, some that drive me crazier.  Some that cause pain, some that mend my heart.  The thing is...all of them can have the same purpose if I let them.  I choose whether my encounters with those I know, those I love, and those I don't know make Jesus my focus or my feelings and circumstances my focus.   
I choose

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.  Proverbs 4:23   Let Jesus be the filter for what goes and in and out of your heart.  I pray He will heal the wounds and confusion left in the wake of my sinful nature and I pray He will guard my heart.  You couldn't ask for a better Protector!!

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