Friday, February 28, 2014

A little Sugar

We got a puppy!!!

We are CRAZY!!  If you don't believe we're crazy, trust me, we are...and most people would agree.  Just ask how many people have lived with us in the past year.  Or why we love living without the constraints of 9-5 jobs even when financially challenging.  Or why we're willing to move into 550 square feet.  

Back to our most recent crazy move...Everybody should get a puppy days from having a newborn and a couple months from moving into 550 square feet with 6 people and, now, 2 dogs.

You see, my very manly hubby was working at a friend's house.  Friend had puppies.  Hubby CANNOT resist puppies, especially cute, little golden ones.   After some discussion on how crazy it would be to bring the puppy home, I left it up to my man (he says I told him to bring the puppy home...I recall being on the fence...half excited about a puppy and half stressed about timing of said puppy).

He showed up with the puppy!

He made the right decision!  He usually does.

I have wanted a puppy for a looooong time.  Our most fabulous dog, Butch, is almost 12 and I wanted to have another dog established in our family before the absolutely unthinkable event of losing the best. dog. ever!  That's enough of that before I cry like a baby or a completely exhausted pregnant lady ready to give birth any day now.

Now, what to name the puppy...

Goldie was suggested
Buttercup was suggested and quickly vetoed by my husband who, being a manly man that loves puppies, could not fathom himself hollering out the name "Buttercup" across the farm.  :)
Sugar was suggested by yours truly (and yours truly gets a little more influence than others)

Once Madelynn heard the name Sugar, it stuck and she wouldn't let us call the puppy anything else.

Sugar it is!  She is a yellow lab mix.  I love mutts!  They are the best!

Sugar is sentimental for me and I'm excited about that being her name.  

We're having fun with her.  Yes, she's a puppy.  Yes, there's A LOT of training going on.  Yes, it can be overwhelming but, overall, she's fitting in to our crazy family quite nicely.

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